Relief 250 is a 10 day Sample Size. The potency equals that of Relief 750,  approximately 25mg of CBD in each dose. All Relief products are sent to 3rd party labs for testing and analysis. We provide a Certificate of Analysis on every batch of products we produce so you can be confident in the purity, authenticity, and potency of Relief.

Relief 250

  • Optimal Brain and Nerve Function – CBD has been shown to have a calming and balancing effect and to promote neurogenesis in multiple regions of the brain. CBD is being used by students and busy executives because it has been known to promote mental focus and clarity.

    Restful Sleep – CBD has been known to promote deeper, healthier sleep, which impacts all areas of your well-being.

    Healthy Cell Function and Regeneration – CBD promotes strong healthy cells, by maintaining their regulation and homeostasis.

    Improved Athletic Performance –  Athletes are taking CBD for its ability to decrease recovery times, enhance stamina, and reduce aches and discomfort.

    These are just a few of the many benefits people like you are seeing from enjoying Relief.

Debra & Terry Sanders

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